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:: Radek & Teyla ::
Carson Rodney Seriously
Got a rec for Teyla gen and Teyla/someone fics? Come rec it here.
5th-Aug-2006 05:40 pm - *Pokepokepoke*
Hi, no one's updated since April, so I have an idea. How about everyone picks a Season Three episode and writes a Teyla/Radek tag to it? I'll write one for the pilot, and It should be up in a week. Anyone else feel like taking a shot?
8th-Apr-2006 09:02 am - Rec.
Radek & Teyla
I have a nice recomendation for you :)

Writen by tielan: Different
25th-Feb-2006 05:05 pm - LJ header and friends only banner
Radek & Teyla
I've made one LJ header and matching "Friends only" banner featuring Radek and Teyla :) Enjoy :)

header 195 kb+banner 131 kbCollapse )

x-posted to welovezelenka
25th-Feb-2006 10:38 am - Isis Awards Voting Closes Today
Carson Rodney Seriously

There are a couple Radek/Teyla stories there (and, yes, one of them's mine, so grain of salt here). Go vote now!
18th-Feb-2006 01:28 pm - Have you seen this yet?

It's called By Association, by MagpieDreamer. I thought it was pretty neat.
17th-Feb-2006 11:58 am - Radek & Teyla icons
Radek & Teyla
I've made 4 new Radek/Teyla icons for sharing :)

Plus the one I use as my user icon here. That one is sharable as well :)

Comments are welcome... and so is credit if you use ;)
15th-Feb-2006 03:53 pm - First post... welcome and fic
Radek & Teyla
Welcome in the brand new community dedicated to Radek/Teyla pairing. Yes, I do know this pairing is not very common, but I like this combo :)

And with the first post, I'm posting my first Radek/Teyla fic (well, a drabble) as well:

GreetingCollapse )
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